We want to hear your story.

Submission Guidelines


Please thoroughly read submission guidelines and fine print below prior to submitting

Email all submissions to ourfrontlinestories@gmail.com

To submit a post for the Instagram account:

1) Please attach a photo preferably wearing your frontline gear / PPE

2) Send us a meaningful story to go with your photo

Suggested prompts: What inspires you most about this whole experience? Did any particular moment stand out? What has been most difficult? How do you get through it?

3) We encourage you to be as specific and detailed as possible

4) Include your name, job title, and location if possible, as well as your Instagram handle

To submit a essay / poem:

1) Please email us your essay / poem in Microsoft Word or Pages. There is no word limit. We look for meaningful, creative, poignant pieces that provide unique insight into the frontline experience.

2) Include your name, job title, and location if possible

To submit an artwork:

1) Please attach a high-res photo of your artwork 

2) Include your name, job title, artist portfolio / social media link if applicable, the medium and dimensions of your work, and a short blurb / artist statement as to your inspiration for the piece

Our fine print (but enlarged so you can actually read it)


We honor your stories, and we’re always looking to share your stories. To that end, we may may keep, display, use, adapt, reproduce, and share what you share with us in this submission. We’re grateful for the gift of your work.

Submitter authorizes and grants to Faces of the Frontline (FOTFL), irrevocable and worldwide rights to use, edit, reproduce, publish, transmit, and display the Submitted Materials, and to permit FOTFL to use, edit, reproduce, publish, transmit, and display the Submitted Materials, in any manner and in any and all media, including, without limitation, films, videos, sound recordings, photographs, animations, theatrical productions, or any other media now or later developed, in each case in connection with FOTFL; derivative works based on the FOTFL; or marketing, publicity, advertisement, or promotion of FOTFL. 


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