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We Want to Save Them All. And We Can't.

I realize that what people call Heroes are really just people who didn’t sign up for this shit, but show up to help anyway.



I see you.

Making it work.

Risking your life

So many unknowns

Patients dying.

Not just the unhealthy ones.

Our colleagues falling around us.

Showing up.

Making it work.

When authorities silence you for asking for help

You show up.

Into the fire.

With 1 cup of water

That you’re supposed to reuse over and over again.

I see you.

Making it work.

I feel you.

Scared to come home.

I need you.

To do what’s right for you first.

I know you.

You have never done this for applause.

I’ve watched you.

Do everything in your power to save them no matter what it costs you.



We don’t want to be heroes. We want to save them all, and we can’t.

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