This time—

By Monisha Vasa (Psychiatrist)

This time—

edges rubbing against angles,

friction of digital life

for an analogue woman.

This time of six feet apart

masks that protect and hide

feels hard

for someone like me

who likes to hold your face

in my palms, and see

the shadows and light

linger in your eyes.

This time of gloves is hard

for someone like me

who likes the weight of

hands in my hands, and

creased palms and

tributary veins.

Still I know, this is how

we will save lives,

make it through together,

saving ourselves

and each other.

The truth is,

one day one way,

this ends, we end,

pause back to fast forward.

And so I keep listening hard

to what I miss, which is not

the rush, the speed, the busy

but rather the touch

of you and me.

One day soon,

we will find each other


Monisha Vasa | @Monishavasa

Psychiatrist | Writer | Narrative Medicine | Wellness Consultant | Author of "Salve: Words for the Journey" | @mhlspodcast

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