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The Encouragement We Need

By: Dr. Mohamed Hakkim

With three more days left in his 10 day duty, the doctor had to test himself for corona. A positive result meant that he would have to spend another 21 days in isolation. Thoughts of his elderly mother flashed in his mind as he ruffled through his case sheet files. 

Photo by Cristian Newman via Unsplash

Despite all the best efforts by the government, the stress each and every health care worker has to go through in this war against the pandemic is something that can’t truly be put into words. To make things worse, doctors being bullied by miscreants brings down the reserves of moral strength they have in store -- the strength they need to put others’ lives in front of their own.

The biggest hiccup for every doctor engaged in this battle with corona is the question of what will happen to her family, if something unfortunate were to happen.

The Government and the public answer sternly, touting life insurance and other reassurances that should supposedly act as a high moral boost and encouragement for the heroes battling this invisible enemy. 

In a bleak atmosphere with possible death looming around in every corner, where the hospitals are filled with critically ailing patients, mental health has to be in full strength for a doctor to function effectively. But the source of his mental strength is reduced to an occasional video call from his family and an ambient hope to reunite with them by the end of his shift. 

Photo by Emily Morter via Unsplash

Front liners need more than that: constant reassurance and encouragement in the form of protective gear and an increase in pay for risking their lives would do. After all, one can work well only if he is reassured that his family is well taken care of.

This should not be limited to doctors but to the entire spectrum of people involved in this war against COVID-19. Every health care warrior is tired beyond recovery and tried beyond patience, and this includes exhausted lab technicians, overworked nurses, sleepless janitors, worn out pharmacists, weary ambulance drivers and more. But the knights of battle are left without armor.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin via Unsplash

The biggest request from the medicare workers is that people not treat this lockdown as a vacation and take social distancing more seriously. In the words of the great thinker Erasmus: “Prevention is better than cure.” 

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