Selected journal entries from Dr. Sneha Topgi, an Emergency Medicine doctor in NYC

image courtesy of Dr. Topgi (@beatsbydrsne)

April 9:

He’s very old and a bit confused. Full code.

He somehow wiggles off his soft wrist restraint and rips off his mask. Oxygen on the monitor drops to 78% as he screams, “HOME, I go HOME.”

My heart breaks as I replace his O2 mask and gently restrain his wrist again.

April 10:

You just know the ones who won’t make it.

No one will be there to hug them goodbye.

They’ll never have another cup of morning coffee.

You see them struggle, with all their comorbidities weighing on them, to gulp another breath of air.

My heart shatters, over and over.

April 12:

If you’re reading this, ask at least one family member what they want done at the end of their life.

This may be a hard discussion, but better to have it now than later. Trust me.

CPR/Chest compressions?

DNR (do not resuscitate)/Comfort care?

DNI (do not intubate) vs. Breathing Tube/vent?

April 20:

The volume of patients coming to the ER has drastically declined. But what is seen in the ER vs. the admitted floors is different. The hospitals are still overwhelmed. However, the overall situation feels promising and social distancing is working.

April 24:

Why do protestors think this pandemic is a hoax? Like, excuse me, are these dead Americans a joke to you?

April 29:

The world is not around because of you. Yes, you read that right. You were their everything. Their support system. Their family. Their source of income. Their beloved boss. Their reason for living.

And now you’re gone.

The new abnormal.

April 28:

While running (masked), I saw a man (unmasked) coughing on the street.

Me: Please wear a mask, sir!

Him: Mind your own f*king business! *flips the bird*


It’s all of our businesses to keep the streets and each other safe.

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