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Portraits for NHS Heroes

by Beth Watkins

Watercolor artist, UK

Watercolor, 16x20

"I saw the #PortraitsforNHSheroes on the news and thought what a wonderful idea. I’ve been helping out in my local community as part of our SAFE action group shopping for neighbours, collecting prescriptions etc. and I thought that this would be a lovely thing to do in addition to that to thank all of those working on the frontlines.

In order of appearance:

The lovely Jennifer Marshall. She sent me so many characterful shots that it was difficult to choose one. Jennifer works at the Churchill Hospital Oxford in the OCDEM OPD. Here she is in the Blood Room, having just taken a string of difficult draws.

Rachel Vicky in her PPE and mask and goggles. Rachel is an Occupational Therapist in Adult Social Care working in Coventry.

This is Dr Qasim Akram and his wife, Maria, both NHS Doctors on the COVID frontline.

A very cool Johnathon, one of the ‘invisible’ workers helping things function in these difficult times. Johnathon manages a warehouse delivering building materials to the Nightingale Hospital, NEC.

Alex is an A&E nurse working in Manchester infirmary and was nominated by his proud sister, Julia Cawthorne. This painting of him in his PPE was given as a gift to his Grandmother.

To see more of her work, visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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