A Request for Help

By: Dr. Colette Johnston, United Kingdom

The day I see health secretary Matt

Hancock stand shoulder to shoulder with

a sick, coughing and

spluttering suspected #Covid-19

patient, in a flimsy apron, less than

optimum level mask (as per recent Public

Health England’s “guidance” for those

outside hospitals interacting with

suspected Covid-19 patients) we may

be silenced in our protests.

I highly suspect that we will never see

such displays of foolish behavior. Public

Health England’s response seems to be

based more on resources than science

itself. So for now we press on


The data is robust. Of course – there are

many contributing factors to death rates –

but the data clearly shows a link to lower

death rates in those countries that




Each Covid center is open 24/7 with all

patients and doctors within needing a mask

(let alone the rest of the PPE kit). This

equates to approximately 140 masks per

center every 24 hours.

Local authorities gave us a little more than two days’ supply.

While we press on trying to order stock

from Asia ourselves, rather than wait for

NHS England’s response, we need your

help urgently!

The expected freight delay of maybe 10-

14 days with the airline industry as it is this

moment is a major concern for us

up and down the country.

So, I’m appealing to everyone and anyone

to come forward with any masks, gloves,

etc., that you can spare in order to assist

your NHS staff to keep safe.

This issue does not just threaten Manchester,

it is nationwide. And we need your help.

Builders, do you have any ffp2/3 masks

that you can donate while work

unfortunately stands still for you at


Those who work in schools that are now

shut: Have you any gloves/masks/visors

from tech classes that you could


Painters/decorators/mechanics and those

who work with asbestos: have you any



Deep clean companies?

Pharma companies: have you anything to

spare as you soldier on in the fight against


Anyone with boxes of gloves/masks/

goggles/visors/gowns/suits where work is

currently stationary – can you contribute?

This is ABSOLUTELY NOT a plea for

people to break their lockdown! Staying

at home is the most FUNDAMENTAL thing

you can do to fight Covid-19 at this time.

Please stay safe and keep others safe too!

But let’s put our heads together here.

There are always ways to think logistics through.

You could ring your local primary care

center if you have stock that could be

collected. Or your primary care center may provide

info on what you can do next with the kit

you have to spare.

DM me here (@colette_theyogadoc) if anyone in Greater

MANCHESTER feels they can contribute

#PPE in these centers? Honestly. Every

Little bit helps at this moment in time while

we wait for an authentic response from

NHS England.

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