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A Reflection from the Frontline

by Tiffany Chow

Fourth-year medical student & artist, Brooklyn, NY

Watercolor and Sharpie

"When the corona crisis began a few months ago, almost every medical student was sent home and clinical rotations were halted. This was frustrating because we went into medicine to help out, and in the time of this crisis, we couldn’t do anything. Medical students all over the country began banding together to help donate blood, organize PPE donations, and volunteering in food banks. I did what I could from home, but when BronxCare asked for medical student volunteers, I jumped at that chance.

I began volunteering at BronxCare’s Emergency Department in the beginning of April to help out and it was was such an eye opener. The ER was more crowded than I could have imagined and people were being intubated faster than I’ve ever seen before. As I spent more time in the ED, I learned more about the people behind the scenes, the security guards, nurses, techs, doctors, and pharmacists. Everyone was giving up so much to work there. I might not have been doing much, but I did all that I could to take the burden off the shoulders of those saving lives.

Everyone working there inspired me to paint again, to show their tired eyes still full of hope. This painting is a little bit of a self-portrait with the sentiments of everyone else I’ve met."

To see more of her work and story, follow her on Instagram.

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