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A Day in the Life of a Young Doctor Asked to Play God

Updated: May 3, 2020

Every day the alarm goes off. You wake up, get to the shower, dress, and head to the kitchen to pour the necessary 16oz of black coffee. Next, you head out into the quiet of a city under orders to stay at home, and you walk to the subway into another day of chaos. [You recall your thoughts from the previous evening]:

“Seeing people die is not new to me. Letting people die is.”

You hope for the best, but reality reminds you that the worst is equally likely. You arrive at the hospital, breathe, dress yourself in empathy, don the mask, and maintain your demeanor as you go to war again with the people you trust the most – your co-residents. Alongside them you work, making decisions fraught with the weight of life and death, triage and trust.

To my co residents, I say thank you for keeping your fire strong and inspiring me everyday!

Submitted by Dr. Dennis DeLeon, an Internal Medicine Resident in NYC

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