Humanizing our frontline 

by sharing their stories.


This is a digital campaign to amplify the voices of those keeping us safe. It exists on Instagram as @facesofthefrontline and shares the faces of hundreds of frontliners around the world. On this website, we additionally share poetry, narratives, and artwork. Nominations for heroes to be featured as well as narrative and expressive content can be submitted to us for publication on this site.


To the first-responders, the hospital custodians, the surgical residents doing intubations and IV lines; to the respiratory therapists, the physician assistants, the mailpeople delivering our rambling letters; 


to the hospital security guards, the x-ray techs, the PharmDs, the phlebotomists, the grocery store cashiers, the gig economy meal-delivery drivers wearing cloth masks and latex gloves;


to the nurses like angels hovering above the beds of those who with labored breath fight this new and strange disease; 


to the doctors who trained all their lives for this moment but never anticipated it would really come;


we say thank you.  


You have taken courage.

We’ve set the table and tried our best to spruce things up

So we can hold your stories. 


Send us writing and art and videos describing what you’ve seen (you are our eyes and ears, you know). 


Let us build a monument to this moment, a time capsule for the tears and the gritty joy.


In solidarity,




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